As of 2014 vaping has made incredible headwind & is accepted in the majority of establishments.  Obviously, it would only be proper to ask before you vape indoors so you don’t alarm store owners unaware of what it is.


Please remember that there are many different devices on the market now and some will deliver more vapor/more flavor than others. So with more advanced devices  you will notice a harsher nicotine hit as the juice is vaporized more efficiently. 

0mg = NO nicotine
3mg = Ultra Light (Very Low Level)
6mg = Light (Low Level)
12mg = Medium (Med. Level)
18mg = Regular (High Level)
24mg = Strong (Extra-High Level)


No Vaping 101 would be complete without some tips for keeping your device running smoothly. We suggest that you clean the excess juice out of the reservoir and clean the metal contacts inside the atomizer adapter once a week. Your tip should be cleaned on a daily basis. All the parts of an atomizer can be rinsed with tap water, but always remember not to wet your coil! You can use a Q-tip or paper towel to dry off the parts.